About Us

We love to decorate and create inspiration for every season.

We believe your home is your canvas for your story, a sanctuary for your soul, and a platform for your own unique brand of magic. We’re here to help you unleash that magic, no matter your budget or DIY experience. We believe that creating a beautiful space around you can bring you joy.

Whether your style is budget-savvy boho or a full-blown glam explosion, we’ll cheer you along by sharing tips, tricks, and inspiration to build your personal haven, one delightful corner at a time. Because at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about: creating a life you love, one beautiful corner at a time. So, grab your cup of creativity, put on your DIY paint gloves, and let’s get to see what we can dream up together!

Aimee (left) & Amber (right) Twin Birdies